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We have built an enviable reputation in consumer goods, heavy industry, high-tech,
manufacturing, medical, recreational vehicle, and transportation sectors.

About Awra Trading

Awra Energy Public Co., Ltd was setup in 2018 to import Liquefy Petroleum Gas LPG by sea and distribute the product in the country. Combination affect of changing of life style, booming of the business and government respond to climate change push the community to use more LPG as an alternative.

As LPG business is getting very competitive in the country it is imperative to supply better quality, service and price to customers in order to share bigger chunk of the market. Awra sees that having an LPG terminal on the bank of Yangon River adjacent to Yangon City, current biggest LPG market as a solution.


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We go to great lengths to identify impressive new talent—self-starters with specific
skill sets to produce truly amazing results.